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We are laying the Foundations of Planet Earth's next Holographic and Interstellar Civilization. Information:


All contents on DUFES - The InterStellar Mediator's Channel are solely used for Educational and Spiritual Purposes. We do not endorse nor promote any commercial nor self-promoting uses but do stand by creativity, high spirituality and the restatement of Humanity as a whole.

None of our videos are monetized and never will be as the founding blocks of our work and this channel are those of a Holographic and Interstellar social, cultural, economic and spiritual construct based on Service to Others and not on money. We use and support the sovereign free will of individuals to share our perspectives of today’s world.

It is the responsibility of our subscribers to form their own opinion and restate their lives. It is their responsibility and commitment to life in general. It is not ours.
Laying foundations

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