15 Ways to DIY Your Bathroom Storage

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15 Ways to DIY Your Bathroom Storage

1. Attach rods to the walls and then hang baskets from them.

2. You can also use the rod and basket method for the tub!

3. Storing a razor on the shower caddy usually ends with the razor falling through the little cracks of the caddy.

4. Make a Mason jar organizer that you can put anywhere in the bathroom.

5. Storage under the sink is always super helpful, but if you don’t have an enclosed cabinet, then it can look a little strange.

6. Put pieces of PVC pipe on the inside of your cupboards beneath the sink.

7. Make this incredibly cute DIY bathroom storage idea with just a few supplies.

8. Drying clothes can take a while and also take up a lot of space.

9. Make a makeshift organizer unit that you just structure around the toilet!

10. You can also go for a more compact version of this and just use the toilet tank as the base for the organizer.

11. Use a magnetic strip to store your bobby pins and other small metallic devices.

12. Mount some wicker baskets (or other types of baskets) directly to the wall.

13. Put a shelf over your door to utilize the space above it that’s just being wasted!

14. Paint the crates different colors to add a nice flair of color.

15. Take an old ladder and use it for bathroom storage.
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