BEST Ways to Zombie Proof Your House

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From electric fences to palisade fortifications, here are the Best Ways to Zombie Proof Your House!

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5. Electric Fences
It’s widely believed that stun guns or other electrically charged weapons can prove to be extremely effective vs zombies and if this is the case, an electrically charged fence around your zombie compound would be the ultimate barrier. We don’t think any chain link fence is going keep you safe from zombies so it seems like it would be necessary to give it a little bit of an electrical boost if you can. There is a little bit of a debate though how exactly electricity will immobilize zombies, but touching a high voltage fence, this can cause a fairly gruesome wound at the point of entrance, potentially amputating a limb. It wouldn’t be as effective to zombies as it would be against people but it should give you an advantage. High powered electric fences can also be solar powered so as long as the sun hasn’t been completely blocked out by ash, this could prove to be a useful way to fortify your zombie proof house.

4. Spike Strips
Similar to the dragon's teeth, spike strips can prove to be useful against automobiles that seem like they’re coming to your house, but it won’t immobilize it immediately. The steel spikes will puncture the tires of suspicious vehicles around your house which will at least make the vehicle of the enemy have a difficult time taking off with your belonging. These are often used by the highway patrol and you have a better chance of coming across some of these than the cement needed to build dragon’s teeth. Against zombies, it will likely puncture their feet. Although it won’t be fatal towards them, we imagine, there’s a good chance it could slow them down.

Melvin: Wow, I wish i knew about some of this stuff before the undead started attacking me. But still it seems kinda difficult to get a hold of some of these things. What are some more simple options for fortifying my home?

3. Trenches and Pits
If you haven’t started digging just yet, don’t worry, you still have time. But in most apocalyptic scenarios, getting underground always seems like a good way to avoid danger. Since the era of world war I trenches proved to be one of the only safe places to hide out at and it can prove to be useful in many different ways. Consider digging a personal trench that’s easy to conceal in your front lawn. You might have various long range silenced weapons you want to use and this might be one of the better places to use them. If you decide not to use the trench for sniping, you can consider turning it into a zombie trap, known as the punji. The punji pit is a hole that’s covered up with something like a blanket with leaves on top for camouflage and with spikes at the bottom of that hole. Your goal here is for multiple zombies to fall into the pit and get impaled with the spike.

2. Palisade Fortifications
If you’re living in a wooded area and you don’t have the means of obtaining chained link fences, barbed wires, etc it seems like your best option would be to build a palisade fence. These are made of wooden spikes or tree trunks and work as a defensive structure. They were quite commonly built by the romans, greeks and medieval armies as a form of cheap and convenient fortification. You would just need some simple tools such as an ax or chainsaw to cut down the tree. Remove any unwant ed branches or tree limbs. You just want the trunk. Do your best to make the palisade anywhere from 10 to 12 feet. In order to make it just a little bit more resistant to zombies, go ahead and sharpen the trunk to a point just in case they decide to climb. Palisades are vulnerable to getting set on fire, so this should really only be considered a temporary option until you can build a brick fence.

Those sound cool and all but could they really fend of groups of vicious zombies

Nothing is sure during the zombie apocalypse, but this next one could be a great option

The Roof Shelter
Height is going to be a huge advantage when it comes to staying safe against zombies. One way to make sure they don’t get to you, would be by building some kind of shelter on the roof of the house as well, to maximize space and to give you a good vantage point. We’ve seen many people recently style the rooftop to become more accommodating, and this might not work on every house. But if there’s somewhere on your roof that’s flat, you should fortify it and find a reliable way to get up and down. Don’t waste the space on your roof! Get plenty of mounted machine guns or grenade turrets to release your fury on the undead below!
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