Festo's New House Construction Begins

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RUS is only funded by individuals who believe in restoration, who walk with us to those torn people and still see a future in them. We are a movement that believes in love in action. Together we've held hands, and against all odds delivered many souls that were destined for destruction and death.
When we first visited Festo and his family in Ebwiranyi, Bunyore, their house was a 'jigger house'. Just stepping inside to film landed me six jiggers in my soles. No one entered that house except just them- Festo, Johnny and their parents. Festo was grounded, unable to walk. Little Johnny was badly afflicted. His little feet, hands and body were covered in jiggers. Their mother had jiggers but and the smells that oozed from her were more than appalling. The state in that home and general condition of life they found themselves in was more than deplorable. But we turn no one away, no matter how low they had sunk. We set of on a course of emancipation. We knew it would take time, but we also know we never give up. As you can now see, we've made some progress already. Many have joined us in giving them hope. Angelika from Mexico and her Friends and others. We have Marylin from Hong Kong. Then we have Ahwang from China coming in with a new house for them. There's an outpouring of love in here and my heart is so full of joy seeing this. Indeed we're proving that a different world from which we live now where there's so much hate and pain is very possible. We're proofing that love conquers all things.
When I saw Margret come from her house to meet us with such a big smile on her face I almost jumped out of my skin. This is a woman who was so sad, walking with a lot of difficulty. But look at what love can do? It is indeed a thing of beauty!
Home construction

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