Lego Technic 3 Cylinder Radial Engine + Bonus Rotary Engine + Instructions - Lego Technic Mastery

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This could be the most compact Lego Technic 3 Cylinder Radial Engine I've ever Built ! I tried as hard as I could to do a Lego technic Wankel rotary engine as well, but I couldn't get it as compact as I'd like for the moment, so I started to develop another Lego Technic Rotary engine concept, using surfaces of constant width !
Here, I used a Reuleaux Triangle inside of a square matrix.
The combustion chambers would be at the 4 angles of the square, then rotating the Rotor the opposit way of the output crank.

You might want to read the wikipedia page about surfaces of constant width to get better understanding of the mechanics laying behind this Lego Technic Rotary Engine concept.

Build Well, Fellow Lego Technic Masters ^^

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