Most Adorable Outdoor Cat House Around the Globe | Cat House Ideas | DIY Cat House

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Most Adorable Outdoor Cat House Around the Globe | Cat House Ideas | DIY Cat House

Cat Houses - Perfect For Pampering Your Pet
By []Jennifer Akre

When it comes to the family pets, the dogs seem to always get everything. They have dog houses, a load of toys, they get to do the outside walks and rides in the car. But, what about the family cat? Other than a few jingle bell toys, and maybe one mouse on a bouncy string, what does the cat get? Not a heck of a lot. If you ask me, that's unfair to the cat. It's like playing favorites among the kids, and the cat is losing. You may say your cat is unfriendly. Well, you would be unfriendly too if you saw a sibling getting all the goods and you didn't get any. It's time the cat gets its fair due.

So, you ask, what does a cat need? Well, how about a cat house? The dog has a house, the cat could have one too. This does not mean you should toss your cat outside with the dog and put a house up for him. Cat houses are actually meant to be inside. They are a space that you can allow your cat to call their own. Cat houses are their safe haven in the world.

There is no shortage of cat houses that are available, so you may need to get ready for the variety you are going to find when you start looking.

First, if your cat is a climber or jumper, you may want to consider multi-level cat houses. These cat house condos are a number of rooms that are build on top of one another, often with tunnels attaching them, where your cat can find a safe place to curl up and take a nap. These multi-room cat houses are especially good if you have more than one cat. They can each find their own space within the levels.

You can often attach many of your cats toys to the tops or edges of cat houses, to give them built in play-time, and if you look for the cat houses that are made of carpet, it is a ready-to-use scratch pad as well.

If you have an older cat, or a cat with medical conditions that is not as likely to be doing any athletic feats, you may want to keep your cat houses closer to the ground. Instead of looking for height, you may want to look for cat houses that have a few rooms side by side at ground level. This gives your cat a choice of places to curl up, without any pain or difficulty that may be associated with climbing.

If you really want to go all out, you can look into the really large cat houses. Some of these are really like a cat's home within your home. They have spaces for litter boxes, food and water bowls and a bed for your cat. While you may think that's overkill, if you have a dog that likes to get into the litter pan, you may not think twice and appreciate the idea of having all the cats items out of the dogs reach.

Jennifer Akre, owner of numerous online specialty shops, shares her insight on products perfect for pampering your pet including fabulous []cat furniture, stunning []cat houses, and fun []cat trees. Each would make a great gift for your furry feline companion.

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