New UK House Music 2018 - Deltiimo Look to the Stars Lyric Video

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Deltiimo Look to the Stars, Big Room Anthem House

From veteran writer producer Gary Louca and Hollands amazing Bradon Grobler. Featuring the stunning vocals of Lisa..

Deltiimo - Look to the Stars

For those that have been paying attention, the pages of our website have been graced by the work of Gary Louca quite a few times over the past year. We’ve reviewed, promoted, and fallen for the multitude of tracks that Louca’s dance-pop project Deltiiimo have recently produced, and now we’re excited to add another track to the growing ensemble that graves our pages.

Titled ‘Look to the Stars’, the new track is another collaboration with Holland’s own Bradon Grobler. It’s an anthem that went straight to Number 1 on Kings Of Spins on the very first day of release, as well as being listed on one of Canada biggest lists, Sparemix. It’s a dynamic, near four-minute anthem that is effervescent in terms of sound and irrepressible in terms of energy. Featuring the stellar vocal talents of Lisa, the new electronic track fits perfectly into the echelons of dance music. It’s an electric romp through the hallmarks of EDM, laying its foundations firmly in a dizzying mixture of synth-driven melody, powerful percussion, and transcending vocals.

It’s a track that builds excitement almost effortlessly, pushing it’s positivity and passion through a fine balance of well-orchestrated instrumentals and seamless vocals. It’s a near-perfect example of a vision being formed cleanly and concisely, not overburdened or forced, not lost within a maelstrom of needless digital noise, and not overbearing in its execution. Granted, the track might find itself lost amongst the veritable plethora of similar tracks that make up the patchwork EDM soundscape, but that is a minor flaw that frequently comes with the genre’s territory.

In short, it would be easy to see ‘Look to the Stars’ as being a standout number on any upcoming album or EP from Deltiimo. It fills the place of a track that shines incandescently on its own, while also fitting nicely into the greater vision that is conjured up by the collection of tracks that Deltiimo has released recently.

You can stream ‘Look to the Stars’ alongside its own lyric video on YouTube now.

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Brief History of House Music
The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene has probably seen more growth over the last 30 years than any other genre of music. Originally created in Chicago in the early 1980's, it’s now one of the most recognizable and most-listened to genres of music. Since the 80’s, house music has spawned many sub-genres such as Techno House, Deep House, Future Bass, and Electro House to name a few. And, has finally planted itself firmly in mainstream Pop music.
The 90’s and 2000’s have been all about house music. In fact, many of the Top 40 hits have been heavily influenced by House music - for example: “Feel So Close” - Calvin Harris, “Call Me Maybe” - Carly Rae Jepsen (the one we all love to hate), and “Lights” - Ellie Goulding. And those are okay, but I want to talk about REAL house music (which still may be incorrect to the purists out there, but oh well), here are 5 top house music tracks that will give you a taste of the house music timeline. There are some tracks from the House sub-genres in here as well.
1986 - Frankie Knuckles - Your Love
1989 – pump up the jam – Technotronic
1993 - Robin S - Show Me Love
2001 – Daft Punk – One more time
2009 – David Guetta (feat Akon) – Sexy Chick
Laying foundations

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