Rendering sand and cement on concrete or cmu walls

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Howdy observant plasterers, o.k. This video was a bit of a bummer as It was a really hot day, over 90 degrees and my brother Luuuu, brought really stiff mud the whole show, It was a real challenge to video and plaster when the weather's so hot and mud is mixed in a bad way, when we would cut, I would say, Lou add some retardant and more water as we're set too fast.
We had to use all the improvising that we learned in many years to continue videoing and complete the wall, but of course, we got it done without compromising the task.
Life as a stucco dude.

Keep in mind we were using Rapid set, which waits for no man as it's full of accelerators.
On this same day, we applied the finish coat which Luu mixed well as its tough to screw this material up, to view this video the link is below and yes it's the same hot day.

In this video, Jason and I explain the number one question I get asked when it comes to plastering cinder block walls, which is, why skim coat cinder blocks instead of just applying a color finish?
Hopefully, now instead of spending 20 minutes per person answering this question, this video will explain how to.

To view our color coating video we did on this same wall on this same day click on

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Laying foundations
Laying foundations, laying foundations for a garden wall

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