Roof cleaning/grinding before applying the waterproofing & thermal heat insulation coating"isothane"

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(Thermal insulation & waterproof coating)

Isothane is the most advanced radiant barrier; this space age product having ceramic micro spheres of millions tiny vacuum beads clustered tighter to form a resin that, when applied to roofs or wall, dries to create a tough, heat-insulation coating. isothane is non-toxic & environmentally friendly as it reduces internal temperatures up-to 45% ,thus cuts the need for cooling by up-to 40%, with a reduction in internal temperature you can enjoy lowering you air conditioning & refrigeration, so that you can save energy cost up-to 50%.

How isothane block the heat buildup
Heat comes in three forms: ultra-violet (UV), visible light & infrared (IR), isothane will block all three, especially IR, which is responsible for roughly 57% of heat load on buildings.

Isothane can be applied on the roof & side of a building, such as RCC, metal, felt, asphalt, aluminum, wood & rubber; it can be used on the interior surfaces.

Isothane as waterproof coating
With having high elongation & strong bonding additional properties, isothane can creates excellent waterproof barrier against all type of roofs & exterior walls.

Why Isothane..???
Isothane is an ideal replacement of supplement for conventional blanket insulation, and additional benefit includes:
• Contains anti-fungal, anti-rust, anti-mould & sound absorption properties
• Application versatility ideal for wood, concrete, bricks & metal etc
• Superior moisture protection & heat dissipation
• Elimination of condensation under insulation
• Eliminates blistering, peeling & cracking
• Proprietary cross-linking structure
• Reduces temperatures up-to 45%
• Save energy cost up-to 50%
• Reduce maintenance coasts
• Crack-free & flexible
• Seal and waterproof
• Fire Retardant
• Easy to apply
• Non-toxic
• Anti-rust

Isothane can prevents thermal shocks
Damage due to hot weather conditions, Isothane also helps to prevent building expansion/contraction & thermal shocks.

Extra features of Isothane

1. Penetrating Quality (itself penetrate in surface & make it waterproof)

2. White (enhance insulation factor & help out to avoid expansion & contraction)

3. Joint-less (less risk to unwrap the joints)

4. Flexible(less risk of cracks in expansion & contraction)

5. Itself bonding with surface(less risk to De-bonded from surface)

6. Long life(due to white & flexible)

7. Finished Surface (no need to cover the final surface)

8. Easy to apply on uneven-surface

9. Waterproof

Advantages of thermal insulation

• Total recovery period for investment on thermal insulation in one year (it reduce the electricity and gas bills )
• After pay back the principal amount, you can save equal amount yearly.
• Its makes the home more comfortable and luxurious
• Protect your family from skin and respiratory diseases.
• Increase your building life & property value.
• Sound-proof.

• Preparation
Use Power wash & make sure that the roof is clean, dry & free from dust, oil, wax, greases, rust & corrosion

• Application
Use sprayer, roller or brush and apply two coats of isothane. The first coat should be dry before the second coat can be applied.

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